PhD programs: how to apply


Candidates must:

      • Be a young science graduate who has been accepted into one of the four PhD programs within the Harvard University Division of Medical Sciences: Biological and Biomedical Sciences (subdivided in five areas), Immunology, Neuroscience, or Virology
      • Be an Italian citizen.
      • Have some previous research experience.


      • The Armenise-Harvard PhD Award will be available through the Division of Medical Sciences and will cover, for the first 2 years, Stipend (10 months): ca. $20,000; Tuition: ca. $40,000; Healthcare Allowance (UHS/BCBS): ca. $3,300. In the final two years, the host laboratory will provide the stipend and research costs. Please note the actual costs of the program are provided in the DMS application materials.
      • One year of postdoctoral funding at a level of $50,000 is also available for work carried out when the candidate returns to work in Italy. This funding will be available for up to 10 years after receiving a Harvard PhD.


      • Once accepted at Harvard University, candidates may change their PhD subject, and the lab within which the work is being conducted, without altering their funding status.


      • Award recipients will be evaluated as part of the Harvard University DMS PhD program. Any publications arising from the PhD course should acknowledge the Foundation’s support.
      • Awardees will be invited to take part in Armenise-Harvard Foundation Symposia from time to time.


      • Full information about how to apply to the PhD programs in the Division of Medical Sciences, plus information about all the areas of study, can be found at Division of Medical Sciences. Completed applications must be submitted by early to mid-December each year.   (The exact date can be found on the DMS website.)

The Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation will automatically be notified of candidates who complete the Harvard University DMS application process. No additional submission about funding is required. Candidates will be notified about the results of their application in April.