The Armenise-Harvard Science Writers Fellowship

In collaboration with Paola De Paoli, then President of the Unione Giornalisti Italiani Scientifici (UGIS), the Armenise-Harvard Foundation established the Science Writer Fellowships in 2000 to encourage and nurture young Italian science journalists in the early stages of their career by inviting two each year to spend a week at Harvard Medical School during the summer.  The week’s internship is planned and orchestrated by the Office of Communications and External Relations at HMS and is tailored to the particular scientific interests of individual fellows as well as what scientific topics are the most relevant.  The program’s immersion approach enables fellows to interview top HMS and Boston-area researchers, tour HMS laboratories, and attend the Foundation’s symposium, where they have an opportunity to speak with the presenters.  The Italian fellows also have an opportunity to meet with experienced Boston-based science writers and discuss the process of transforming scientific research material into a prose style that will engage laypeople.

To date 25 Italian science writers have benefited from a week’s internship at HMS.  Some are free-lance writers, others report for the Italian national press, radio or online forums.   Competition for the Italian fellowships has been keen and the rigorous selection process includes a review of fellowship candidates by representatives of UGIS, the Armenise-Harvard Foundation, and HMS’s Office of Communications and External Relations.

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