Molecular Microscopy: Italian-Israeli team develops a new technique to study biological tissues

18 December 2017/by admin

The 2017 Career Development Award Call for Applications is in progress

Up to 1 million Euros over 5 years for young, outstanding scientists who want to move to Italy and create their own lab
23 May 2017/by admin

2017 Armenise Harvard Foundation Summer Fellows are at Harvard

23 May 2017/by admin

2016 Armenise Harvard Foundation Summer Fellowship begins

6 July 2016/by admin

How stem cells breathe

A study in EMBO Journal by Graziano Martello's research groups highlights the role of the STAT3 factor
22 February 2016/by admin

2015 Summer Fellows Research Day

Marzia Munafò presented on “Emerging evidence of uridylation-dependent…
28 August 2015/by admin

Microcephaly: protein which regulates brain development found

9 July, 2015 -  For the first time, the role of the protein CEP63…
9 July 2015/by admin

The rules of the game in Hepatitis B

Milan, 16 april 2015 – A revolutionary technique of live microscopy…
16 April 2015/by admin

Notes from the Director, Lisa Mayer

We are in the midst of another productive year at the Armenise-Harvard…
1 April 2015/by admin

Brain disease and the sense of smell

  To the average person, the study of the olfactory…
7 January 2015/by admin

Armenise-Harvard Foundation Summer Fellows Conclude an Enriching Summer

For the fourth year, laboratories at Harvard and its affiliates…
1 September 2014/by admin

Foundation’s 15th Symposium held in June 2014

The biennial meeting opened with an introduction and welcome…
1 July 2014/by admin

Armenise-Harvard Foundation announces the latest Career Development Awardees

Since 2001, 20 talented individuals have moved to Italy from…
11 April 2014/by admin

The Foundation loses its Chairman

What began as a love story, with the Count motivated by his ailing…
25 October 2013/by admin

A Smell of Sulphur – But it’s Not the Devil! Combined with Iron, Sulphur Protects the Secret of Life

Sheref Mansy, an Armenise-Harvard Career Development Awardee…
7 June 2013/by admin

Davide Corona wins the 2013 Chiara D’Onofrio Prize

At the SIBBM conference at the University of Pavia on 6th June…
6 June 2013/by admin