HMS Junior Faculty Grants

An essential part of the Foundation’s mission is support of promising young scientists at Harvard Medical School, women and men early in their career, recently out of medical school or post-doctoral training who often lack the extensive list of publications that is often necessary to attract research funding in today’s highly competitive climate.

Recent recipients of these two-year grants from the HMS Junior Faculty Armenise-Harvard Grants Program include scientists investigating:

        • Factors within cells that allow viruses to replicate.
        • Genes controlled by circadian rhythms in animals and humans and their relationship to physiology and behavior.
        • Critical steps in the regulation of structural assembly of cells in higher plants and animals.
        • Regulation of gene expression in developing organisms.
        • The generation and differentiation of nervous-system cells during embryonic development in mammals.

There is no open call for applications for this grant. Each fall, each HMS Basic Science department head is encouraged to nominate applicants among their junior faculty.

The Foundation makes 4-6 grants available each year, for a total investment of USD 600,000 per year. Since the beginning of this grant, the Foundation has invested over USD5.7 M and supported the research of 50 outstanding scientists.

Armenise-Harvard Junior Faculty Grant recipients